Recoiler machine exported to Finland

Recoiler machine exported to Finland

The customer need upgrade existing production line:copper & copper alloy slitting line, then found us;Our engineers designed this, based on basic requirement drawing customer supplied; recoiler need fit their existing production line;


Application: copper and copper alloy slitting line


                    Coil material    -   copper,copper alloy

                    Strip Width     -   100~1200mm

                    Strip Thickness  -   0.2~2.0mm;.

                    Expand and collapse dia - Ø408 & Ø508 (expand situation)

                    Coil Weight     -   Max 10T

                    Strip Tension    -   5-15N/MM2

                    Working speed  -   max 200m/min

                    Strip Direction   -   anti-clockwise

Product Photo:

Product Photo

Below is photo shared by customer, installation and commissioning on-site;

installation and commissioning on-site

CE certificate:

CE certificate