General Introduction of Tension reel(recoiler), pay-off reel(uncoiler,decoiler)


The pay-off reel and tension reel are applied to line production for steel, aluminum, and copper alloy mostly, such as cold /hot rolling mill, continuous pickling line, continuous galvanizing line, annealing line, slitting line, cut to length line,color coating line, etc. 


The pay-off reel is located at the entry of the production line and holds the coil on the mandrel. When the mandrel expands and rotates, the pay-off reel tightens the coil and unwinds the strip to the next equipment. During the line operation it feeds the strip continuously while applying back tension.It is also called a decoiler or unwinder or uncoiler;


The tension reel is located at the delivery of the production line and winds the strip/plate to form coils. The collapsible mandrel of the tension reel winds the coil tightly while supplying the required tension during line operation. The force needed to do this is much higher than with a pay-off reel. A tension reel is also called a winder or coiler or recoiler.


The Pay-off reel or Tension reel is composed of mandrel,gearbox,base frame,motor and coupling,brake,traversing and centering mechanism,hydraulic and lubrication mechanism.


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